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Compulsory Basic Training, the price of the course is £180, split over £90 deposit at the time of booking and the £90 balance paid usually on the day or paid in full with our online booking service, this covers the price of one days training. The CBT course is where your journey into motorcycling starts, normally completed in a day, "a minimum six hours training is required", the course can sometimes take longer.    


CBT is NOT a test, it is a safety course designed to give you the basic skills to keep you safe as you continue to learn with "L" plates, with a CBT you cannot take a pillion passenger on the back of your bike and you cannot ride your bike on a motorway, but you can ride on your own for the length of time the certificate is valid which is two years. 


On the day of your CBT you will need a valid UK driving license and a valid check code or check code print off, be able to read a number plate at 20.5M and have read the Highway Code.


Click on CBT to be redirected to the DVSA's site for detailed information on Compulsory Basic Training, or HE​RE to be redirected to the DVSA's YouTube Channel to watch a video.



Email us directly to book your course


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Direct Access Scheme is the motorcycle test, we require a deposit of £300 at the time of booking, this covers one Module1 test fee, one Module 2 test fee and motorcycle hire for 3 days, training is then charged at £170 per day, if you need a longer course the extra days are charged at the daily training rate plus £85 per day for bike hire, average course length is 3 to 5 days.

Total course price : £620 for 3 days, £790 for 4 days, £960 for 5 days.

Occasionally on the shorter courses an additional half day charge of £85 may be needed for Module 2 attendance. If you wish to use your own motorcycle you will need to show an insurance policy for the bike and you will need to purchase training insurance by being added to my TCT fleet policy, the current rate for this is the same as the £85 per day motorcycle charge therefore there is no actual reduction in overall price, but this can still have the advantage of training on the motorcycle you own and will be riding post test, this can also be very beneficial to those who wish to do the bike test on their own automatic large capacity scooter.   

You will need a valid driving licence and a valid check code or check code print off, also a valid CBT & Theory test to book in for DAS training, on the day of your test you will need to take these documents with you and will also be required to read a number plate at 20.5M.

Click on Module1 to see the DVSA's YouTube channel video on Mod1 & click on Module2 for a video on Mod2.

When you click on the booking link below you will be redirected to my online booking service simply select 3 day DAS Course from the menu, additional DAS training days can be arranged as you need them, depending on trainee experience DAS training is usually between 3 to 5 days, Module1 is usually attended during a normal training day, Module2 usually requires an additional half day training fee currently £85.

If you need to resit any of the test Modules the cost is the DVSA test fee for the Module being retaken, currently £15.50 for Mod1 & £75 for Mod2 plus £85 bike hire and at least a half day training fee £85.

If there are no DAS dates or suitable DAS course dates available on my online booking service please email me to discuss if we can arrange dates for your training, however be aware that we will have to work around DVSA test availability.    

Please email me to discuss your course and arrange dates for your training, however be aware that we will have to work around DVSA test availability.



Back to Biking


Back to biking is a course dedicated to those that have passed their test but have been away from motorcycles for some time, over the years motorcycles have changed a lot with things such as ABS, traction control and the power has dramatically increased.


The cost is the same as DAS £170 per day for training and £85 a day for bike hire if you are not using your own motorcycle, to be paid at the time of booking.


email me to arrange

a date for your course

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