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Take Charge Training


Take Charge Training is a family run husband and wife business, committed to providing the highest quality motorcycle training and the best possible customer experience during your training with us, between Sonia and myself we have many decades of motorcycling experience with much more to pass on than just the knowledge you will need for your CBT or to get through your motorcycle test, knowledge that will not just keep you safe on the road but also help you get the most out of your riding experience for now and in the future. 

Sonia was brought up in a biking family learning to ride at the very young age of just six years old, with her father and older brother mentoring those early years on motorcycles.

I was also brought up with family members closely involved in the local biking culture, gaining my full motorcycle licence in 1989 some thirty odd years ago, not just holding the licence but riding and involved with large motorcycles almost every day of those years, including in the early years of my biking life working as a motorcycle courier riding all day every day come rain or shine.

Although we are Aberdeen's newest Approved Training Body (ATB), I have worked for a number of years instructing at other ATB’s firstly with and being trained by Phil at 2112, becoming fully accredited with the DVSA’s driving academy at Cardington in 2017. Then working with Calum at CMS and most recently with Duncan at Scotrain. 


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