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Take Charge Training, (TCT) offers quality motorcycle training with a zero emission option coming soon. 

Aberdeen's latest Approved Training Body, (ATB) providing quality & affordable motorcycle and scooter training.

DVSA CBT & DAS Instructor 

Take Charge Training CBT & DAS instructor James Maitland.


Presently undergoing training to be a

DVSA qualified CBT Instructor 

Take Charge Training CBT instructor Sonia Maitland, (Also BSL British Sign Language qualified)


TCT Courses:



Compulsory Basic Training or CBT is where it all starts, this course is designed to help people get familiar with motorcycles and show you how to ride them safely on the road, it is a common misconception that CBT is a test, it is not a test it is a safety course that is usually completed in one days training, but can take longer.

Click HERE for a DVSA YouTube video clip on CBT.

You will need to have (and bring with on the day of your CBT) a valid UK driving licence with provisional motorcycle entitlement, a UK licence check code or have sent a check code to us prior to your training day. 

Wear at least denim jeans, and sensible motorcycle attire, you will not be able to train with us if you arrive in tracksuit bottoms, leggings, shorts, laced footwear, a skirt or any clothing that exposes skin.  


white Z650.jpg



Direct Access Scheme or DAS is the motorcycle test, it is split into two parts, Mod1 which is off road skills, click HERE to watch a DVSA video on Mod1.

The second part of your test is Mod2, this is the on road part of your test, click HERE to watch a DVSA video on Mod2.

You must have a valid UK licence CBT and theory test before you can sit Mod1 and you must have passed Mod1 before you can attempt Mod2.

You must be between 17 & 19 to do the DVSA A1 test, A1 is for 125cc motorcycles.

You must be at least 19 years old to do the A2 test, A2 is a restricted full size machine, if you do the A2 you can take the full A test for an unrestricted motorcycle at 21.

If you want an unrestricted motorcycle licence and you have not passed the A2 test you will have to be over the age of 24, all these tests are exactly the same, it depends on motorcycle size and your age which one you can attempt.

If you would like to know more about the routes to obtaining a full UK motorcycle licence click HERE.


Back To Biking

Back to biking is training that is for anyone that has a full motorcycle licence and has been away from biking and wish to brush up on their rider skills, the course is structured in a way that should progressively build and inspire confidence. 

The course comprises of: 

* A brief discussion on past riding experience.

* Discussion of road craft along with any other areas of concern.

* Out on the road in full radio contact.

* Debrief discussion at the end of the road ride.

Zero Emissions 

 Zero emissions vehicles will be the future.

Take Charge Training

 will be offering a zero emissions option in the future on CBT courses, zero emissions option on 

DAS courses will follow shortly there after.


 2030 will see all new vehicles sold in the UK will be zero emissions or hybrid.


 Click HERE if you would like to know more about the UK governments,

 Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution.


Get in touch!


Training Site Location, 

Woodhill House,

Westburn Road,

Aberdeen, UK,

AB16 5GB.



Training hours

Mon-Sun: 9:00am - 3:30pm 

(If I am training during these hours I will not be able to answer the phone, 

however if you email me I will do my best to reply as soon as I 

possibly can). 




Click on the interactive Google map below to move around, zoom in and out.

View the image below to help locate which area we use for training. 

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